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Time for a new start? It's time for smudging. Bring focus, health, clarity, and positivity into your home and workspace with the ancient practice of smudging.


Burn sage with intention to clear stagnation, purify surroundings, and elevate energy.


When's a great time to smudge?


-time for a new start

-welcome to a new home

-frequent illnesses

-need a creativity or energy spark


Each bundle includes a "how-to-smudge" booklet. Bundles are handmade. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Smudge Bundle

  • Smudge bundle is created with ethically-sourced, wild palo santo wood, organic sage, organic rosemary, wild flowers and lavender from the Karacotta garden, all wrapped in white, organic cotton string.


    Smudge dish is handcrated from porcelain clay with two notches cut out to rest your Smudge Bundle. Dishes are hand dipped in glaze, for a unique, custom finish.

  • Made in the USA.

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