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Favor the Earth began the way all great ideas do... over beer and pizza.


2008. Earth Hour.


While eating dinner in the dark (it was Earth Hour after all) with girlfriends, I complained that there was no place to buy cool eco-friendly gifts and favors that didn't cost- well, a whole paycheck.


Sure, a natural candle for my kids' teachers sounded like a great gift, but they were 80 bucks a pop. My kids had 5 teachers!


As someone committed to sustainability long before "green living" was a thing (or Instagram and Snapchat existed for that matter), I realized if I was having a tough time finding affordable eco-friendly solutions, where would others go to find fabulous everyday items that just happened to be healthier for them, better for the environment, and didn't cost an arm and a leg? 


And... before the end of the hour it was decided. I was going to create it.... a place to Favor the Earth.

Which also meant it was my job to choose which products I could proudly carry. 

While "eco-friendly" and "organic" are great advertising terms, our products need to walk to the walk too.  


We support other local, independent companies with the most passion for sustainability so you don’t have to worry if it’s safe for you and the environment

...we aren’t looking for the biggest brands, we just want the right ones.

Not only do the products they make have to be amazing, the people making them have to be pretty fantastic too (no bad juju allowed here!).

We don't just carry sustainable products that are great... we carry incredible everyday items that happen to be better for you and the planet.

Imagine the possibilities if we considered the impact on our health, the environment,and each other with every purchase, word, and meal.

Live Natural. Choose Simply. Love Deeply.. 

...what do i say to those who say i can't?

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