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Difficulty concentrating? Frequent headaches, congestion, migraines, or nausea? The synergestic blend of organic rosemary and peppermint can boost concentration, reduce tension, and increase alertness.


Green Envee synergestic essential oil blends are created from 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.


Use pure essential oil in a diffuser or add a few drops to a warm bath or favorite lotion. Spray AromaMist onto yourself, pillow, car, or workspace. Apply roll-on to pressure points, back of neck, or soles of feet.

Refresh Essentials: oil, AromaMist, roll-on

  • Why do we trust Green Envee's essential oils? Their purity promise starts with non-GMO seeds and ensures optimum soil, harvest, and extraction to create the highest quality essential oil and the greatest commitment to the environment & sustainability. Each small-batch is mass spectrometry & gas chromatography quality tested. 

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