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Gluten-free or not, these may be the best breads/cakes you'll ever eat! Or, choose the Flour Blend to safely create your favorite recipes gluten-free.


Add a couple ingredients from your pantry and this mix will feed you and all of your friends (or freeze after baking and enjoy at another time).


Warning!  Prepared mix yields a ton! (1) 8" square cake, (3) 7 1/2 " loafs, and 4 cupcakes.

Guess What's Cooking Mixes

  • After a 2010 Celiac disease diagnosis, Stephanie thought her passion-filled days of cooking and baking were over; delicious gluten-free baked goods didn't exist.


    So, she created her own blend of GF flours to recreate the light and airy taste that was missing. After mastering various cakes, the mixes are now available for you to create and enjoy at home!

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