Difficulty making decisions? Imagination & intuition lacking? Rebalancing your sixth chakra may be the answer.


The Sixth (third eye) Chakra located in the forehead center encompasses the eyes, nose, ears, sinuses, cerebellum, and the autonomic nervous system.


Physically, those with an unbalanced sixth chakra may experience headaches, sleep disorders, earaches, vision issues, migraines, and equilibrium imbalances.


Emotionally, third eye chakra imbalances may be indicated by feelings of confusion, anxiety, lack of concentration, paranoia, and fear. Awaken your sixth chakra and increase your mental focus and intuition.


Add 2-3 drops of the Intuition Chakra Essential Oil Blend to a carrier oil, then apply between your navel and chest. Or, gently inhale the aroma directly from the bottle. You can even add a few drops of the chakra blend to your favorite lotion/body oil or warm bath.


Spray Aroma Mist on yourself, pillow sheets, in the car, at the office, or on your yoga mat. Can also be used as a hand or sport gear sanitizer.



Intution- Chakra 6- EO & AromaMist

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