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Top » School/Office Supplies » Sword & Plough Compact Travel Kit

Sword & Plough Compact Travel Kit

Price: $49.00
After our veterans have retired from protecting our country, many have difficulty finding jobs, except at Sword & Plough. Every step of production through order fulfillment is maintained by our veterans, and S & P recycles thousands of pounds of military surplus fabric. 10% of each bag helps veterans through GotYour6

Traveling the world or heading to class, whatever the adventure, this travel kit is ready for you. Pack with toiletries, school supplies, snacks, or gym necessities. Since bags are one-of-a-kind, each bag has unique color variations.

Made in USA

Thick, durable 15oz canvas and lined with the same highly durable and waterproof fabric used in military patrol packs! 8" x 3.5" x 4"

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