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Top » Vegan & Gluten-free » Green Envee Aroma Rx Travel Lotions

Green Envee Aroma Rx Travel Lotions

Price: $4.50
Green Envee is commited to the earth and your well-being. Their products will benefit more than your skin, it will nourish your body, mind, and soul. Recognized as one of Safe Cosmetics Organization's Champion companies!

They're here...I've asked (ok, maybe nagged) Green Envee to make a travel size of my favorite lotions since I became obsessed with them on day one! So now- in addition to a bottle in my kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom-I can keep one in my purse, car, desk drawer, and carry-on. 1oz bottle, gluten-free

Made in USA

no synthetic fragrance or colors, no petroleum-based ingredients, never tested on animals (see individual lotion descriptions for specific ingredients)

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