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Top » Recycled Sports » Spoonk Hemp Acupressure Mat Set

Spoonk Hemp Acupressure Mat Set

Price: $69.99
Now you can find the relief of acupressure at home or on the go with the Spoonk Acupressure Mat. Based on Japanese shiatsu massage, the Spoonk mat stimulates specific points on the body to reduce blocked energy, ease muscular tension, decrease stress, increase energy, reduce inflammation and pain, and promote quality sleep through its 6210 stimulation points. Set includes travel bag and groove ball for convenient tension relief in hands and feet. Mat: 26.5"L x 16.5" W

55% certified organic hemp, 45% organic cotton, GOTS (Global Organic Textile) certified organic fabric, No synthetic AZO dyes, Eco Foam Features: High quality plant-based foam made with VPF technology, No fire retardant chemicals (PBDE and CFS). No toxic off-gassing chemicals. *not intended for children under 7, women who are pregnant, or if you have unregulated high blood pressure. Consult your health practitioner before use if you have medical conditions.

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