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Top » Favors » Camo Binoculars Party Pack (10 ct)

Camo Binoculars Party Pack (10 ct)

Price: $20.00
I love when parents come up with brilliant ideas. Even more than that, I love when they manage to make it eco-friendly too! Congrats to Jeanette and Greg & Box Play for Kids for gobbling up numerous green & new product awards: Box Play for Kids has been featured in EcoParent Magazine's 2013 Holiday Top Toys. Named Parents Magazine's #1 Favorite Find, InStyle Magazine's Best of the Web, and The Eco Choice Award.

Nature walk? Safari Party? Special Ops Mission? The possibilities are endless with these camo binoculars! Stickers fit on your recycled toilet paper roll or cut paper towel tube. EAch set includes 2 stickers. Connect tubes using a rubber band, string, tape or staples (not included). Party pack includes 10 sticker sets.

Made in USA

All stickers are printed on 100% recycled uncoated paper. Little ones may need adult assistance since the stickers are not repositionable.

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