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Top » Made in the USA » Gretta's Goats Soap: Coffee

Gretta's Goats Soap: Coffee

Price: $6.75
Gretta and her goats live on a 25 acre organic farm in Pecatonica, Illinois. Gretta's artisan soaps are created in small batches with hand-milked goats milk, organic herbs, pure essential oils, and sustainable ingredients. Never synthetic fragrances or artificial colors.

Awaken your senses and increase your circulation with this exfoliating coffee soap. Also perfect for use in the kitchen as it neutralizes cooking odors from your hands. Your skin (even sensitive skin) will love the vitamin & nutrient-rich moisturizing goatmilk soap.

Made in the USA

Direct trade organic coffee, Farm fresh goat milk, Saponified organic oils: olive, coconut, sustainable palm

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