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Top » Vegan & Gluten-free » Sprout Bottles 4-Pack Garden Kit

Sprout Bottles 4-Pack Garden Kit

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Price: $28.95
Awesome for your kitchen windowsill or the most fabulous hostess gift ever! Sure, it may look like a regular 4-pack of beer when you carry it, but it's actually an herb garden. Recycled beer bottles have been beveled (no rough lip on these!) to use for growing organic herbs. Once the herbs outgrow the bottles, run the recycled bottles through the dishwasher and you have four new drinking glasses!

Made in the USA

Garden Kit Includes: 4 organic heirloom Virginia herb seed packets: Brewhouse Basil, Full-Bodied Rosemary, Hop-In Oregano and Tapped Out Sage, 4 beveled recycled beer bottles, and blended organic soil.

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