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Top » Vegan & Gluten-free » Yoreganics Soap Nuts (5 loads)

Yoreganics Soap Nuts (5 loads)

Price: $2.99
Yoreganics soap nuts are USDA and EcoCert certified organic.

Let me guess...what in the world are soap nuts?! Actually, they aren't nuts, but dried fruit berries from the soapberry tree (Sapindus Mukorossi) found in Nepal and India. Its outer shell contains saponin, which creates a natural soap in water. Not only do they eliminate odors from dirty clothes (goodbye sweat-wicking material stink!), they're also the perfect laundry alternative for those with eczema, allergies, or anyone wanting to avoid harsh detergent chemicals.

Soap nuts from Nepal

hypoallergenic | biodegradable | antimicrobial | economical | vegan | gluten-free | fragrance free | cruelty free

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