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Recycled Jersey Apron

Price: $34.95   On Sale for $29.95
Sock-cessories products are proudly made by three Canadian "hockey moms" who started with an idea to turn a simple item they'd all washed a thousand times, a hockey sock, into something that was fashionable, functional and fun, all at the same time! All the hockey socks, skate laces, and jersey numbers that are applied are Canadian made. All items are customizable- great team fundraiser or gift.

What does every sports fan with mad cooking skills to match need? An upcycled jersey apron of course! These one-of-a-kind, handmade, adjustable aprons are created from hockey jerseys with skate laces for ties. Perfect for grilling, tailgating, or cooking at home. Machine washable.

Handmade in Canada

Only 1 apron per style!

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