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Top » School/Office Supplies » Ecogear Gorilla Messenger Bag

Ecogear Gorilla Messenger Bag

Price: $18.00
Ecogear is committed to people and the planet. Instead of commonly used and chemical-emitting PVC, they've created bags coated with EPO, a healthy alternative: a patented system called Ecoweave (EPO), which creates virtually no risk to the environment or to human health. The benefits of Ecoweave include: • Toxic-free • PVC-free • Chlorine-free • No dioxin, phthalates or heavy metals • Carries no ozone-depleting chemicals • Clean to recycle—creates natural occuring emissions when burned • Safe in manufacturing and consumer use

Eco-Gear versatile messenger bags are ideal for running errands, carrying dance shoes, or even toting school supplies. Made with natural cotton, non-toxic dyes, and are PVC free.

Made in China, fair trade

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